You don’t need to be alone on your weight loss journey.

Have you tried more diets than you can keep track of? Are you tired of trying different products and diets and still not achieving (and sustaining) your weight loss goals? Get the support, accountability, and coaching you need for long-lasting results!

How does our weight-loss program work?

Nutraceutical Weight-Loss Supplement

We focus on gut health, which is key to health and weight loss. Reset your metabolism and improve the way your body utilizes food and nutrients.

Nutrient-Dense Diet

Now that your gut health is improving and you can absorb nutrients better, we focus on long-term lifestyle and weight changes.


Nutrition Consultations

Support and accountability are important parts of a successful weight loss program, so you follow up with your nutritionist regularly.

What is a “nutraceutical“?


Nutraceuticals impact your metabolic pathways, making weight and fat loss easier.


Non-stimulant appetite suppressant 


Safe to use at any BMI or body fat percentage


It can be used with most medications

Everything you need for real results.

You get access to the mobile app with all data included (grocery list, weight tracker, and explanation videos)

One-on-one coaching sessions with a weight loss/nutrition provider (in person or telehealth for convenience.)

2 bottles of Secret for Weight loss Lipotropic Compound Formula & 1 Secret for Weight Loss Appetite Control drops.

Track your progress with a 3D body measurement scan to see real results.

Come into ReLive today to try our 3D body scanning technology. Get accurate body measurements, BMI levels and more! Done in a private room, open environment, non-invasive and get your data in minutes!