Take this chance to get your health and wellness right.

ReLive offers comprehensive wellness services to help your wellness goals. From nutrition planning or weight loss programs to stretching and exercise, our clinical nutritionists and health coaches will support you being the healthiest version of yourself.

1:1 Nutrition

Wellness is different for everyone, our clinical nutritionists will help customize a plan for you.

Personalized Plans

Programs are recommended based on a comprehensive review of your health and personal goals.

Advanced Tech

3D body scanning technology gets accurate measurements to track your journey. 

Do you struggle with?


Inconsistent eating behavior


Chronic inflammation


Successful weight-loss


Building muscle


Maintaining healthy weight


Achieving body composition goals


Optimal digestion


Balanced hormones

ReLive Wellness provides the holistic expertise you need to feel a difference.

Nutrition Consultations

Our clinical nutritionists build a comprehensive meal and nutrition plan for you. Then we’ll support and guide you to your goals!


Is weight loss part of your wellness goals? ReLive’s weight loss program is safe, effective, and with proven results!

Wellness Plans

We customize a combination of our programs (nutrition, physical therapy, stretching, weight loss)  based on your specific needs.

We get it- making wellness a priority can be really hard.

ReLive’s Clinical Nutritionists are here to make it easier. Consider us your wellness guide, helping you navigate the grey area between medical diagnoses and everyday life. We want you to thrive!

Pick your program:

How do our wellness programs work?

1. Complete Onboarding

You’ll meet with a clinical nutritionist and health coach to evaluate your diet, nutrition level, and health goals. Then they’ll develop a customized plan for you.

2. We Build Your Wellness Journey

After learning more about your current habits and diet, we’ll build a customized nutrition, exercise, and supplement plan for you.

3. Monitoring & Milestones

Your nutritionist and coach will follow up weekly in the beginning and then bi-weekly when healthy habits are becoming more manageable.

3D Body Scanning Technology

Come into ReLive today to try our 3D body scanning technology. Get accurate body measurements, BMI levels, and more! Done in a private room, open environment, non-invasive, and get your data in minutes!

*Free with specific wellness packages*